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Loving Watercolor!

Hi everyone! I'm mostly through with the videos (I will be watching the new bonus video tomorrow) and have loved the class so far. After years of having teachers scratch their heads at my water color paintings I finally understand how to use them! It was so simple! I've absolutely loved how the techniques and excercises are laid out. This has probably been my favorite skillshare class so far.

For the monochrome activity I sketched a tiger (nothing against flowers, but I wanted to try something different). I am very happy with how it turned out. I later added some green because I felt the space was missing something.


The jellyfish project has been so much fun! It makes me feel like I'm Tsukimi Kurashita from Jellyfish Princess. I found great reference material at http://clione.ru/ 




For the final project I tried out two different techniques for the main watercolor layer, one was mostly blobs and the other were more irregular shapes. I think the second option looks a lot more organic.

The first piece I left as is once I finished the details, which were done with white acrylic (I couldn't find white ink) and metalic sharpies. I wasn't too sure before the details, it just looked like a big mess, but the little stars really do make it come to life as a galaxy.


For the second piece I wanted to do a representation  of the zodiac sign Virgo. I'm delighted with how it turned out and will be doing a complete zodiac series with all 12 signs.



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