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Lovey monsters

I have neither the patience nor the drawing skill to create a pattern entirely by hand - but I really wanted to create something for the "crayon monsters" challenge on Spoonflower (vote at So I watched the videos and decided to draw the elements of my pattern, scan them in, and move them around in Photoshop as if I were cutting with scissors and taping back together by hand. The "basics" video was exactly what I needed to get started, and made perfect sense! Then, I was able to improvise a "brick" pattern by copying the final image, doubling the canvas size, pasting the image twice, and deleting stray marks and adding extra dots as needed. Tedious and imperfect - I'm sure the Photoshop gods were laughing at me - but it worked.

I neglected to take photos of my work in progress; here is the end result. Thanks for this course!


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