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Loves Poison

2nd DRAFT LINK !!!! :

So the first screenplay was filled with a bunch of format error's. And a little more of this and less of that , the 2nd draft consists of better balance and better format ! Please let me know what you thinks!!

I had chosen Damage to be the title, although she may be damaged it definitely seems like another story of loves way to make us feel a desperate need to not be lonely, that we just want company and security.  But at what cost and how far can you pretend before you drag yourself away from who you're as a person.  Which leads to the new title Loves Poison 

First Draft: 

1.) Selecting Your text: 

"WE quarreled that morning,

For he was sixty—five, and I was thirty,

And I was nervous and heavy with the child Whose birth I dreaded.

I thought over the last letter written me

By that estranged young soul

Whose betrayal of me I had concealed

By marrying the old man.

Then I took morphine and sat down to read. Across the blackness that came over my eyes

I see the flickering light of these words even now: “And Jesus said unto him, Verily

I say unto thee, To-day thou shalt

Be with me in paradise."



A women at her most vulnerable state, can she see the better things or will she fall to love's test.


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