Lovely mess

Lovely mess - student project

Hej everyone, hey Marie.

Thank you very much for these inspiring experiments. I hat a lot fun doing them and really discovered new exciting effects. This was my first Skillshare course and it was the best to start with.

So this was my first experiment. I must admit that I already own alot art supplies so I could really pick from an embarrassment of riches. I really like the colors -especially the dark dark blue. And I like the leopard kinda look from the watercolor. 

Lovely mess - image 1 - student project


The Handlettering eXpEriment

Lovely mess - image 2 - student project

Lovely mess - image 3 - student project

Creative Self Portrait

This one was really tough for me. I realized how much I'm attached to the outcome of my drawings. Therefore I enjoyed the blind drawing more than the left handed one. I do appreciate the lesson though and it helped me to become less judging- so thank you for that.

Lovely mess - image 4 - student project

Drawing to music

Through this exercise I've found out that I really love doing abstract work. I like how the forms evolve and change during the process.

The song was "Ritual Union" from Little Dragon by the way.

Lovely mess - image 5 - student project

The Chaotic Sketch

Well it turned out not chaotic at all but I still like it. Drawing the same motive in different styles is definetly something I will try out again.

Lovely mess - image 6 - student project

Creating a mistake

First I thought that this one would be no problem as I really loved your experiment. I thought it could only turn out well. But than the splodge landed right on top of my drawing and I must admit that I was kinda frustrated. But I could laugh about the second after and worked through it. 

I discovered different alternating phases where I felt content and then discontent again. I kept going until I thought I'm fine with it.