Lovely Morning

Hello! My name is Emily and it is very nice to meet you all and see your wonderful work. Here is my collection, Lovely Morning. This collection is a celebration of the new Spring. I love warm weather and always find it tough to get through the Winter. When Spring arrives, I feel I come alive with all of the flowers and birds!

Here is my initial sketch of my wreath. I sometimes start with a wreath because I love making them and they are a fun way to get a feel for all of the elements I will use in my pattern. I take a sketch like this onto the computer and start to draw the elements. At this point, I don't worry too much about where they are placed or what colors I'm choosing - I'm just trying to get the shapes down. It is important for me to sketch out ideas before going to the computor, but I keep the sketches pretty loose and usually end up adding more elements later. 

Here is my basic color scheme: 

I like to use bright colors, but I still tried to keep an earthy feel.

Here is my complete collection:

Here is the collection with names:

Here are detials of each. I enlarged the smaller prints to show detail:

Here are my mockups: 

I have really enjoyed your class, Bonnie! I think the most valuable information I've learned is that I need to increase the size of my collections and the variety of patterns within each collection. With the exception of a few, my collections tend to be smaller. After seeing yours in detail, I realize I can add a lot more value to my own by adding more patterns and varying the scale/detail level of each. 

Thank you for looking! It has been fun seeing everyone's collections :)


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