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Lovely Letters


I have been practising capital letters as I find them very challenging! I decided to do an animal alphabet to make things a bit more fun :)

(i dont know why those two close up photos have gone in sideways!)

I also made this engagement card for some friends with a more spacious style of calligraphy :)


It has been a busy christmas and new year period and I havent uploaded anything to my project but I have been practising as always, here are some images of bits a pieces my pen and I have been doing :) I post alot of my work on instagram and always like new followers if you are on there too :) @lauren_darling_ xxx

Feeling festive before christmas!

Some letterpress christmas cards that I made for my friends and family.


Hello January - I am not much of an illustrator (at all!) but i like decorating my words sometimes so I started doing these cute little squiggly flowers...very amateur but I kind of like it :)

New Years Resolution

Favourite Saying

Pretend Name Practise for Stationery samples

Get well soon card for my grandad with those squiggly little flowers again :)

I am slowly but surely getting my style together I think, I like writing off a baseline for a interesting look but tend to vary between very rounded lettering and angular. More practise needed :)


Today I started the skillshare course, I love it already! I have been learning and practising calligraphy for the past couple of months and this course is just what I needed.

I especially love the nib recommendation as I had been struggling to find one that I worked well with.

Here are todays practise pages :)


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