Sylvia Muller

Skillshare Cooking and Makup Artist



Lovely Handmade Stuffed animals and Unique Handmade Pillows



Hi Vladimir! I am an old student of yours!  Haha. 

Maybe you will remember.  And hi to all fellow students as well.

I sell "Fun, colourful had-made stuffed animals that will make you smile and bring happiness to your life." (Statement)

And also, "Unique hand-made pillows ready to settle into your comfortable and stylish homes." (also statement)

So, what do you think?  

I just started my store at Etsy by the name Stoffimx.  It has taken me so much time because, I have a full time job.  But I dont want to give up!  I am also learning about the SEO and tags, and keywords, etc.  It is never ending!  But I am still there, hearing all feedback.




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