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Melvin Todd

Founder and Creative Director of Loveless Society




Hi all. My name's Melvin Todd and I'm the founder/creative director of the art based lifestyle brand Loveless Society. I've always been a big fan of toys and Kid Robot in general so I had to jump at this chance to recieve feedback from Paul. Thank you for bringing us Kid Robot. Even just learning the history has been worth the money alone. Everything else almost just seems to be a bonus.

I've jumped pretty hard into the skillshare world in hopes of helping develop my brand even more as well as recieving critiques from like minded people and industry professionals so that I could see it grow into the powerhouse that I know it will be (It's going through a major overhaul so don't be surprised it the site changes drastically before this class is done). With that said, I will be focusing on making a toy of our brand mascot Loveless Cupid.

(To really get a more in depth look, just head to my project in Marc Ecko's class if interested. Critiques welcome there as well).

Loveless Cupid

So a bit about our version of Cupid. He is actually the same version from mythology, but now he has been placed into our world today where love can sometimes be seen as an after thought. I've seen more images on social media depicting images of people pointing pistols at Cupid syaing "Back the fuck off" than people celebrating the creature meant to give them the greatest feeling ever, being love.

I'd imagine that this will have had some effect on him. I see it as making him not so lighthearted, but actually adapting the ways of the world onto him self. If people hate the job he does, he'd most likely be pretty callous and feel like his job was a dead end one, like many people in our world. This in turn would have him be a drunk that just continues to mess up. 

The juxtapostion would come in because even though he drinks, has tattoos, vulgar, is an asshole, and mean, he is still cursed with eternal cuteness so is quite likeable for some reason. Plus he still is very knowledgeable on the subject of love, whether he wants to be or not.

His weapons would have adapted as well. He'll use the bow and arrow if he is feeling particularly lazy, but his new weapon of choice is his twin desert eagles armed with love bullets.

Below is a mood board I will be using encompassing his many different traits. 

Feedback welcome. And I'll have my sketches before the week is out. I can't wait to start. Thanks for looking so far.


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