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Loveday Designs

Hi, this is my first time designing an online shop with Big Cartel. My sister and I recently started a small business selling handmade art prints and jewellery so we thought that an online shop through Big Cartel would be the perfect way to sell our products.

If you want to check it out the website is

I used the theme Luna for the shop. I liked it's use of colour and that I could have a background image which is a subtle pattern. I tried all of the other themes before finally deciding on Luna!

This is the home page; 


I have used a slideshow image which I will update when there are new products, sales, etc. At the moment is is just one image because we have just opened!

I have done some small tweaks to the coding which I am very happy with but couldn't quite figure out how to get the product images to display as a slideshow. As you can see below the product images are stacked which makes customer have to scroll to see the images, I wanted these to display as a slideshow. Something I will have to keep working on! 


Overall I am very happy with the final shop! I think there are probably some small tweaks and changes I will make along the way but at this stage it is perfect for our needs.

Any feedback would be appreciated!



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