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I thought I would start with a bit of a background about myself and my project. I have just completed my Interior Architecture degree last year and am currently working as a Project and Marketing Coordinator for an Interior Design/Architecture company. After completing my degree I still don't feel like Interior Design is what I want to do, so this year I have decided to try as many different creative endeavours and learn as much as possible to try to figure out where my creative path will lead me. I know that I will eventually want to have my own brand as I have always loved everything creative and am continually creating jewelry, cards and homewares for myself and as gifts for friends and family. I have never tried selling anything but would like to do this one day so my project is a brand identity for my own business (hopefully it will eventuate one day!). 

The name 'Loveday Design' comes from my middle name which is Loveday which is also my mothers maiden name.

Here is my project so far. I would appreciate any feedback as I'm sure a lot of you will know it is very hard to create a brand for yourself and be able to look at it objectively.



Creative Brief:


Lauren Cooper is a Hobart based creative designer and the founder of Loveday Design. With a love for nature and the outdoors and a need to be surrounded by beautiful and inspiring things, Lauren has a drive to create a variety of different jewellery and homeware items using any medium possible.

Loveday Design has no current brand identity or direction.


To give creative direction to Loveday Design through the creation of a brand identity which is reflective of Lauren’s personality and style. The Loveday Designs brand should be synonymous with Laurens personal ‘brand’. The brand should assist in attracting the right type of clients with a similar style and aesthetic and should showcase a broad range of creative endeavours.

Target Audience

Women aged 25+ who have a desire to be surrounded by beautiful things. They have a passion for quality locally made designs with a boutique feel.


Loveday Design showcases unique creations to bring beauty and pleasure to your everyday life.


Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Continually learning and creating
  • Able to adapt to different styles and mediums as required
  • Mixed mediums and format of design

Creative Considerations

  • Logo with and without ‘design’ label
  • Neutral colour palette option
  • Possibly use ‘Est. 2015’ label
  • Not too many colours

Tone or Key Words

  • Modern
  • Minimalist
  • Classic
  • Beautiful
  • Inspired

Mood Board:


I am not sure if I have decided on a style for my logo yet. I have created 2 versions which are quite different but I think they both fit the brief. They are very simple and possible need some more work after I do one of the logo design classes on skillshare.


Alternate Logo:

Colour Palette:

I had difficulty choosing a colour palette which I felt represented me. This is the one I have gone with so far but I'm sure it will change.

Update 4/2/15


I have been playing with the logo and an icon and after many iterations this is what I have come up with. I think it more accurately reflects my key words and mood board.

Colour Palette:

I have refined the colour palette to just 3 colours by trying them in different possible applications.


I have chosen Letter Gothic Std for the primary typeface. This is also used in the logo and will help to keep the identity consistent. I have chosen Vladimir Script for the secondary typeface. I wanted to use a script style as this came from my mood board and original logo design. This will be used only for headings as it is difficult to read with more than 1 word. 


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