LoveBlooms - student project

I am an 2th year student of Fine Arts and for engagement I created the artproject #Loveblooms_nl. 

Social Distancing? Why not Social Connecting! 

I love to make 1 artwork together from embroidered flowers. We are at home to keep our distance from each other. But by embroidering a flower and sending it to me, we can connect the thread together and I make an artwork of it. I would like to distribute the end result further in the form of a card. So that it can be sent to a lot of people who will brighten up from this bit of attention!

I love to get feedback how I can attrack en engage more people by this project. Love to learn from you all Mirjam

LoveBlooms - image 1 - student projectLoveBlooms - image 2 - student projectLoveBlooms - image 3 - student projectLoveBlooms - image 4 - student projectLoveBlooms - image 5 - student project