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Nicole Rusk

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Hello color theorists! :D 

For my project, I'm going to be working on a set of images revolving around my relationship with my boyfriend of 3+ years. We're moving to a new (and bigger!) apartment soon, and I thought it'd be nice to have a set of cutesy illustrations to hang on our walls. 

Here's the brainstorming session I had with this idea, with the emotions I'm going to work with circled (I combined those steps for my own sake haha):

So the emotions I'm going to illustrate are: 

  • Comfort
  • Excitement
  • Optimism
  • Creativity

I wanted to avoid the standard "love", since that's a pretty obvious one to go for with this theme. 

And here are some of my reference/inspiration images (I have a lot more, I just don't want to crowd this too much!)

I think the emotions I've chosen can lend themselves well to bright and warm color pallettes, which is something I'm really looking forward to adding to our new place!

Sketches and Colors

Now that I've got the general ideas, it's time to get some more concrete imagery going on! I've sketched up for ideas for each theme, though I'm already leaning towards certain sketches over others. 

Initial Color Palette

So I finally settled on which ideas to go with for each. I tooke the instructors feedback to mind and looked for compisitions that each had their own set of shapes (cube, round, curves, etc.). They're not completely unique, but I still feel they work together rather well as a set. 

I then got to working on colors, and first came up with these:

Each had their own palette, and while I liked each palette individually, they didn't feel as cohesive that way. 

So I decided to take the "creativity" (bottom left, it was one of my favorite individual palettes) palette and try to apply that to the other three iamges:

It seemed to work well for the "excitement" one (top right), but not so much for the others. Finally I tried taking the original "excitement" palette (another favorite) and do the same process:

This worked much better for me, and I liked how each piece looked individually as well as together. So here's the final initial color palette I have:

I'll probably pick two or three colors to expand a bit for each image, to give them a bit of their own flavor while keeping close to the original colors. I also might lighten up that dark red at some point -- we'll see! 

Final Designs

So I spent a bit of time cleaning these up, adding some details, etc, and here are the final results!





I'm pretty happy with how these came out! I decided to keep details to a minimum -- I like that they say what they need to without too much going on. I'm really looking forward to printing these out and finally hanging them up in our new apartment!


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