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To an engineer, a fan belt exists between the crankshaft and the water pump. To a seeker the fan belt exists between love and our humanity, the Soul infinitely flows through and between. Our deepest desire is for peace joy and love, dominion over these systems opens the faucet to these states.

I am serving a compelling inspiration, a belief that Love is what we are, Being is our wellspring and Humanness is what we do. We are asleep to the truth of who we are, but the flow of these systems open us up to our infinite potential and allow us to become fully integrated human beings. At the fundamental roots of all of our suffering is a misalignment of love, a lack of attention on our state of being or a flawed perception of our humanness.

There is no need to discover only to uncover. Take a step into your own heart pull yourself out and up from your lower self to your greater relationship with the world. We can design our life to flow so that we increase our capacity to love as the greatest universal law.

Fulfill the longing of your Soul and live out your own unique pattern. Find what’s right and spend your attention on what’s working.

Love restores reason. People is all everything is, and can ever be. We are here to love and be loved. Teaching is defined as demonstrating love. All of us are teachers and students. We are teaching other people in every moment who they are. Care, connect and break patterns that don’t have heart.

Being is the peaceful sea of a cultivated meditative mind and our most valuable formless skill. Everything is unity. Our deepest desires draw us into peace presence and oneness. Truth is the gap between thoughts feelings and experiences.

Human, is an acceptance and compassion of our fundamental biological impulses and reflexes.

Mobilize your well-being by recognizing the great oneness of life and the harmony in between our form and the formless. We are all connected to each other and everything around us.


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