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Love with a twist of Murder

Deep in Atlantic City off the coast of Kalia kara lives a beautiful mermaid with long pink hair. The mermaid name is Allison Mc. Bothum she is 25 years old in human years and 18 years old in fish years. She has a beautiful Hot pink tail and the most crystal blue sea shell bra. Down in Atlantic city her home city she lets out a soft cry as she cry’s her eyesout laying curled up on her favorite rock. “ why doesn’t he get it?” she says “ I don’t want love I want to be a singer and make it to the Atlantic Teen choice awards” she says as she pull out her notebook and her sparkly pink pen. She begins to write.

Dear Diary July 9 , 1985

Why doesn’t they understand? I don’t want do be with that shrimp guy they want to put me with he's to crabby and clammy. I don't understand You are suppose to be my parents aren’t you the ones to created me. I hate how you never support me and you want me to date these dumb fishy guys whom I don't love and for what? Just so you can have grandfishes like all of your dumb stupid rich friends. I hate being used and I am going to land to find me true love that I love not you guys well got to go have plans to head out tonight.

She closes her notebook and puts it way in her bag. Then she heads off to pack. Meanwhile on the Island of Kalia kara there's Mansion where the very rich Zayn Lockwood lives. He is perfect in every way from his black hair to his back to future look. He is 26 and works out almost every day. He lives with his current girlfriend of 5 years Diana Barringson She is a tall hot swim suite model. She has teased up Burnett hair and a bay watch inspired look. Back at the mansion you hear bounce bounce coming from the very serious game of racket ball. “ I have now 5 points Zayn give up you cant win”says Diana “ I will be triumphet.” says Zayn as he loses the game “good game Told you I would win” says Daina “ I'll get you next time” says Zayn as he grabs the ball and they walk to the side of the court to clean up. “hey did you hear im leaving tonight for my photo shoot” says Diana “ well that’s great I know you’ll do great you always do” says Zayn as he pushes her up against the fence that goes around the court and slowly begins to kiss her neck. She pulls back and starts grabbing her bag of equipment. So as the day turns Daina leaves and Alison arrives on the shore. She pulls her self out of the water near a rock. “ transformation like mirrors to human life like dust to pebble transform me into a beautiful woman.” she says out loud. All the sudden her hair changes from a pink to blonde and she lifts up into the air as her body changes into that of human women. She gets a pretty strapless emerald green dress with stunning black heels. Then the wind rustles up around her and carries her down to the sand laying down ever so gently. Then she gets up and takes a long looks at her self. Then finally she heads up the hill to the house. She sees that the door is open and walks on in to a fancy red velvet lined living room with red velvet and fine wood furniture. “I'm lost anyone here” she says as she walks and bump into him “Im lost can you help me” says Alison “ where did you come from? ” says Zayn “I’m new here and don’t know my way around” says Alison “Well you look very beautiful but aren’t you a bit cold in this weather” says Zayn as he leaves down the hall to get her a sweater of his “ here you are put this on over your dress it will keep you warm” says Zayn handing her the sweater and she puts it on “ whats your name?” asks Zayn “ Its Alison” says Alison “whats brings you here” says Zayn “ I just moved here and I kinda got lost walking on the beach because its dark out” says Alison“ well you can spend the night here and I will drive you back to your house in the morning” says Zayn admiring her beauty. “ ok thank you” says Alison So she stays the night in the guest room but around 12am she hears a knock at her door “ come in” Alison says sitting up to see who it is “ hey sorry to bother you but I just can't stop thinking about you” says Zayn as he as he instantly falls for her and slowy puts his arm around her back as they begin to kiss. “ what are you doing?” yells Diana as she walk into the room. Zayn stops kissing her and looks at Daina “ your back early “ says Zayn “Oh My I cant believe you would do this to me! “ says Diana “ but something about her is irresistible and I love her way to much now” says Zayn “ no you cant love her you must love me” says Daina as she runs to the kitchen. “ Alison I love you and lets run away together shes going crazy” says Zayn All the sudden Diana runs in with the kitchen knife “ if I can't have you then nobody can” she says as she stabbed him right in the back then she pulls it out and stabs him 5 more times in the chest while blood runs down his cold dead body. Then she


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