Love my light box!

Love my light box! - student project

I really enjoyed this class by Tabitha Park!  She gave thorough instructions with great enthusiasm and humor.  The class flew by and afterwards, I knew I’d be able to make a light box.  And so, I did!  It was quite easy to make and I really love using it.


My photography skills aren’t the best, and I could probably use some help with composition…but I arranged my stuffed cow and cat with a bunch of fake flowers.  I was amazed by the even lighting!  Fake flowers are great at casting all kinds of weird shadows, but in the light box, there were no shadows at all!  These photos were taken with my iphone. 


I found that the light box acts as a frame, making it easier to arrange my items.  The reflector made from the top box flap covered with foil works wonderfully. I could hold it in one hand & my phone in the other. 


I’m super impressed with how easy this was to make and how useful it will be. My cat and cow models thought it was quite lovely and cozy, and are pleased with their portraits!


Love my light box! - image 1 - student project

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