'Love me, love my dog' | Skillshare Projects

Esther Ajibade

Illustrator and Animator



'Love me, love my dog'

Hello everyone, I'm am very happy to start my first ever lesson with not only using illustrator but also the skillshare website. I have a very small experince with this program and since I brought it a at the end of last year I thought it would be such a waste to not understand the program, so here I am. 

So I decied to use this as my refernce image, 

I have always been more comfortable with photoshop so using the pen tool was a little tricky, a few too many sharp coners than smooth ones so I tested using the paint blooper tool. It helped a little bit 

Next I added a few more details, this is when the layers begin to stack up. 

I really enjoyed taking away the detail with basic shapes. After that I soon realised how off the colours were to the orginal and added the text. 

This was my final, I couldn't quite get the texture to cause the right effect but I happy the result.


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