Love makes the world go round | Skillshare Projects

Love makes the world go round

My world and work evolves around love... I am a wedding planner, yes. I am rather new to sketching and have always wanted to learn calligraphy but never had the time to. So when I read about skillshare on Pinterest, I just had to start! 

As far as creating & drawing the letters, it is a bit difficult to get reference material for ideas but not to dampen the learning spirit, I started with the warm-ups to get comfortable with the holding of the pencil, basic principles of the strokes and drop shadows.

I am not that good with thumbnails - call me lazy. 

Shall be cleaning up the design to make it less noisy.

Update on Love - 27th Feb 2014

Okay, I designed another layout but still maintaining the spherical frame. So now I have 2 designs which I am not sure which is better. 

Design 1 - I am not sure if the word LOVE should be serif-ed because I think the serif helps to define the heart-shaped layout. With the arrows going about "world", I think it makes the whole look messy but an attempt to fill up the design. 

Design 2 - I wanted LOVE to be more impactful hence the size of this layout. After this sketch, I added wave scrolls to illustrate the ocean instead of the continents in design 1. I am happy with the size of the alphabets though but not too pleased with the drop caps or shadows of it.


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