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Love is poison

Final Update

I finaly manage to finish the project and i'm pretty satisfied with the result. I'm glad the design worked both in t-shirts (my main goal), but also as a label. Let me know what you think! :)


My idea is to create a fictional label for a perfume that is also a label for a poison. I had this concept in my mind for a while and now it seems that's the right moment to do it.

The name of the product will be 'Love'. It works both as a seductive and atractive name for a perfume- a passionate fragance- as for a deadly poison, that kills people from the inside out, let them blind and so many other colateral effeects.

I intend to use this hand-draw label as an apparel design for an upcomming brand i'm creating

Here are some compositions i'm trying. I decided to change the tittle to "Amour" and make all the informations in french, since it's more elegant and charming. I'm still unsure about the skull, i was trying to avoid this cliche, but i don't seem  to have any other option to represent "Poison". 

After a lot of tentatives, i finally found a composition that i like. I will now start to polish the typography and details.

Inking process:


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