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Love is in the air

Jake, thank you so much for the class!

I was always interested in trying to do something in After Effects, all this animated gifs inspired me a lot but it was a total magic to me!)

Now i tried it and i can say i'm even more inspired and motivated to learn it thoroughly. Excited to take the rest of the courses!)

I liked the idea with the plane and the sky so i thought how can i modify it and ended up with the plane carrying this romantic flag and leaving the track of hearts. Also "love is in the air" quote seemed to be a very suitable one for it)

I spent a lot of time doing it but i tried to use all the tips from the lesson and apply all the effects, maybe it is not perfect but i'm so happy with my first animation experience! I will definitely share it with my friends and family =)

I got two comments here with one advise - to animate my still banner =) I think it is a really good idea so i applied the effect to it and sharing the final result with you. I did not animate words on it because it gave a really dizzy effect but even without doing it I am not sure if it is readable. What do you guys think? I will be very glad to get some feedback!)


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