Love is Blue

This page with blue hearts on gold foil was the final pattern that I created. I had made the blue foil pattern in a wonderful Skillshare class by Teela Cunningham called Metallic Magic.  I put the blue hearts and diamonds on a gold background that Teela had given for free on her blog.  I hope that people like this final result.

My first pattern was fairly basic, and it was so helpful to see Helen's clearly outlined steps.  I really appreciated learning about how to use offset in building a pattern.  I filled the hearts with blue gradient, and had a stroke around the shape.  I filled the diamonds with a different gradient, and also used a stroke around the edge.  Even though the pattern was simple, I tried to add some interest by using those gradients and strokes. 


Then I placed a different background behind my pattern, using a watercolour pattern in green tones. This gave my paper a much more finished look.


Next, I used an Adjustment Layer to change Hue, Saturation and Lightness.  I created several colour combination of the pattern, and of my background layer.  I thought that the paper lost much of its interest once colorized, but at least there was still tonal variation because my original pattern had gradients.  Here is one example.


I next added the green watercolour background back in, underneath another recolorized pattern layer, and this helped add more interest.  Here is an example.


Then I put the white background back in, and played around with adjustment layers using gradients.  That was a lot of fun, particularly since I have hundreds of different amazing gradients that I have carefully collected over the past six months.  Because I have gradients on the pattern, plus a larger gradient on the overall page, there is some tonal variation on each heart and diamond, which added interest. 


My final page used a blue foil pattern that I had made, clipped to the hearts and diamonds pattern, all on a background of gold!  I am rather pleased with this design, and hope that you  like it!


Thank you, Helen, for a wonderful class.  I noted in your introduction to this class that this was the first lesson that you made for Photoshop. I have already watched some of your other lessons in Photoshop, all of which I found very helpful. I am creating some digital scrapbook paper to share with the wonderful community that I have found on  I have been so grateful to download some gorgeous elements and papers from the various contributing designers on, and I have been wanted to make some things to give back to people in gratitude for their generosity.  And now, thanks to your classes, I will be able to do that! Yay!

Thank you so much for sharing your valuable knowledge with us!  Best wishes, from Pamela in Ontario, Canada

PS  I just had to come back and add this extra pattern that I just made.  I applied a clipped layer gradient over the layer with blue foil hearts, and this was the result.  I really like it, and just had to share it with everyone!  (PS- the colour does not look great here unfortunately, since I had to compress the JPEG to the lowest quality to get a small enough file size to post here)



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