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Love and Loss

Hi Everyone!  I'm Edie and I'm really looking forward to working on the project for this class.  I completed Mete's first class and I'm really enjoying the 2nd one so far.  I haven't done a lot of hand lettering or typography in the past but I'm absolutely fascinated by it.  I can't wait to dive in and learn as much as I can!


The quote that I chose to use for my project is from my 5 year old daughter, Juliet.

Last year, we dropped her and her sisters off at their Nana's house so that my husband and I could go on a "date." It was the first time we had been out alone since the kids were born and the first time the kids had been away from both of us. As we were leaving, I noticed Juliet trying to hide the tears that were silently streaming down her face. I gave her a big hug and she said "My eyes think you have already left." It was so sweet and heartbreaking. She was sad... but at the same time, she was almost denying her sadness by blaming her eyes for the tears.

So... the quote that I'm going to use is "My eyes think you have already left" and my emotion is going to be sadness. To me, it reflects the pain of losing loved ones (even if they are just going out for an hour to enjoy a quiet dinner :-) I would love to take my project a little further by somehow depicting a reluctance to accept the sadness even though it is overwhelming... but I have no clue how i would do that :-) We shall see!


I started collecting some inspiration for my project and came up with quite a few images to sort through.  Upon Mete's advice, I expanded my search to include emotions related to sadness - like anxiety, longing, loneliness and fear - and that helped a lot.  

I seem to be gravitating towards a lot of images with shadows and water.  I also like the idea of possibly using the lettering to show movement... like the pictures of the docks jutting out into the lonely expanse of water.

My primary struggle right now is how to reflect sadness and longing without going too far into depression or scary fear etc.  I want it to be more of an innocent sadness or longing.



I started playing around with a million thumbnail sketches and these are some of the ones that I came up with.  I'm beginning to get a feel of where I want to go with my project but I really want to come up with some additional ideas.  

Top Left:  I was trying to just create a simple script... using size to put emphasis on the word "left" and kind of trailing off the end of the letter to represent someone leaving.

Top Right:  I thought that it would be interesting to create super simple lettering in the middle and do  a water color wash around it.  Or even blank ink to represent shadows and a lonely sad spot in the middle.

Middle Left: I wanted to see if I could do a border or something that would represent shadow and also show movement across the page.  The lettering itself starts out larger and gets smaller and smaller to also reflect "leaving."  I probably wouldn't use that exact lettering style but I wanted to play with those ideas to see if it is even something worth looking into.

MIddle Right:  With this one, I was playing around with the idea of putting the lettering in a minimalistic form of an eye.  The thumbnail itself is super sloppy but would basically have white flowing letters inside the black pupil of the eye.

Bottom Left:  Just playing around with the idea of using an umbrella to reflect rain and tears.  I also think that it helps reflect a kind of innocence.  

Bottom Right:  Playing around with a broken heart of some sort.  



After working through a few more thumbnails and ideas, I finally decided to try a new lettering style.  While it is fairly bubbly and youthful by itself, I thought that it would be an interesting contrast with some of the watercolor techniques that I wanted to try for my final piece.

Here is the rough sketch...


And here it is all Sharpied in...


I kind of like it "as is" but I decided to do a little bit more to represent the emotion I'm trying to express.  I was originally going to try to use water to soften and blur the edges of the letters but all of my markers are permanent and waterproof :-) 

Last year, I made awesome little "splotch monsters" with my Girl Scout troop that were inspired by the art of Steve Loya (  He makes these amazing creatures out of ink splotches... some of which are created by blowing the ink around with a straw.  So... I decided to try to use some black "blown ink" around my letters to help emphasize sadness, lonliness and just a generally feeling of "falling apart."

I love using this technique because it's somewhat unpredictable and can result in some really cool effects.... but it's also really easy to go overboard with it.  Prime example below :-)



In the end, I decided to digitize my design and try to take out some of the ink splotches that I didn't like.   As I was adjusting the levels to whiten the paper a bit, I accidentally went too far and started to really like what I was seeing :-)  I took out some of the splotches, blew out the color in the some of the letters and ended up with a piece that really represents how my daughter and I were feeling the day she said this quote to me... with tears streaming down her sweet little eyes.  A little bit of sadness.  A little bit of uncertainty.  Broken.  Falling Apart.

And here it is!


Thank you so much for this class and all of the amazing feedback.  I had so much fun exploring this quote and the emotions around it.   Please, please, please create another class!! :-)  Next time, I will try to make something a little more happy :-)




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