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Elizabeth Burger

Surface Designer, Illustrator and Fine Artist



Love " Valentine's Day Challenge" Emoting Picnics

Card Took Majo Suggestion and added a background :)

Wrapping Paper Floating Hearts

So when i thought of picnics of course food came to mind but the overall feeling is what kept shouting out at me as well as nature. :) 

Next went outside to search for texture and pinterest for images. Seperated them for elements of picnic, Nature and feelings.


Now onward to sketching and unit 2. Finally I can catch up after this busy work weekend. ^_^

Sketches! Really drew upon the emotions such as couples, romance and magical atmosphere; which is summer night picnics and fireflies :)

Real close up sketch of couples' faces intertwined. 

These two sketches called to me the most. Now onward to Illustrator :)


First attempt with pattern tool...very different method that i am use to when i create textiles in Illustrator. Working with the tool is nice and definitely has some advantages but back to the drawing board. 

Final work and Colorways.

I'm not sure why my files are coming out pixelated considering i have them set to high resolution...but i will figure that later. As to the color story couldn't help be inspired by hazy hot summer sunset. You can see that reflected in my mood boards. Welcome all opinions :)


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