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Renae Domigan

Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator



Love Type.

Hello Everyone,

This class was so much fun and really helped me destroy my typography obstacles. I was amazed at how much my skill level was improved and so quickly.


I started by just practicing going up and down with my brush pen before starting my words and letters. I found this technique super helpful and easy to learn. After mastering my up and down technique I starting practicing my letters and single words. I found some styles were harder than others and if I started with a basic sketch my work would turn out better in the end.

I then moved on to practicing with a fine tip pen. I found this style easier. After practicing both styles, many letters and words I started creating proper sketched pieces. Here are my three pieces. (below)

Love Type.


Believe You Can.


Thank You.


I really enjoyed this class I found it creative, fun and very helpful. I think this class is great for anyone just starting to learn typography or needs some help, it definitely helped me. :)

Thanks Andrea for such a wonderful class!


By Renae Domigan


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