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Love Strawberries

I have done some illustration work for a couple of small children's books using corel draw.  This was my first attempt with Affinity Designer.  I downloaded the trial program and followed through on the course instructions which I found most helpful.  The program is fairly intuitive and far more user friendly than Corel Draw.  l did a sketch and then used a lot of the tricks and skills talked about in the course.

Layer 1

My sketch


Layer 2

I started with the strawberries - the main focal point and added some gradients and highlights.  I wanted the light source to shine on the strawberry faces, so the light was coming from above.  These were completed as a separate layer.


Layer 3

The leaves had a conical gradien applied.  I tried a variety of gradients but like this affect and twisted the light so that it appeared to come from above.


Layer 4

The sketch was turned off.  I added the seeds by grouping seeds together and duplicating to speed the process up.  With them all grouped they were given a radial fill.  


Layer 5

A mouth and simple stick legs and arms were added


Layer 6

Some hearts 


Layer 7

.. and some text.


Two alternative back grounds were added just above the sketch layer.  This background is a conical gradient.  


and the illustration below has a linear gradient background.


It was quite time consuming but an interesting learning curve and lots of fun.


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