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Love, Neko

i originally intended to do something with neutral milk hotel, but couldn't quite get the expression out on paper. neko case is right up there as one of my all-time favorites, and the ideas just started tumbling out. the one that formed the foundation of my final piece is the following:


i didn't love the typography in the above draft, but i was happy with the fox overall, as well as the inclusion of the bird. 


i spent some time messing around with different types of fonts - even looking to use neko's signature as the font (which is where "love, neko" came from) but nothing really satisfied me. i explored the idea that it was the white space that was bothering me, and came up with the following:


now, i love the use of space as a design element, but to me, this piece felt like it needed to take up space and really own it. again the typography fell short, and the music notes seemed overly-obvious and trite.

in talking with a friend, they suggested that i use elements of the illustration itself to design a typography that would be more in line with the piece. in particular we talked about the broad curves at the top of the cage, and the angles in the tail. 

taking that advice to heart i started lettering, and then played around with the idea of integrating the typography into the image, and came up with the final draft:


this past month is really the first time that i've drawn anything in the last 15 years, so i'm in the middle of a massive learning curve both in terms of art and adobe. i've never worked with pen and ink before, but started to get the hang of it by the end of the illustration (bottom right!). the font is also a little wonky and needs leveling out, but i wanted to push ahead and get everything into illustrator and start working with color, resulting in the final image:


this class did a really amazing job of being engaging and accessible - it was really inspiring to see the creation process, and empowering to then be able to go through the process myself. i really appreciate all of the thought and care that went into creating this course.


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