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Love NY in the Fall

Well - I finally managed to get started with this course. I was really looking forward to it. But as it always happens, work interferes with everything fun. (At least my work is fun most of the time!)

I already did some handletterings & Katie is my grand icon! You're doing a brilliant job!!

I live in good old Austria, a place, where not many people doing handlettering are around. My father owns a print shop. Well my great-grand father founded it in 1932. So my great grandfather and grandfather learned the craft of printer + typesetter. I figure lettering is in my blood.

When I did my handletterings I always made the mistake to only draw one sketch and then go directly to Photoshop for illustrating it. 

This time I really started step by step.

First I searched for my favorite quote. Which was quite hard as I have a ton of favorite movies + tv-shows. additionally I love books too. I went for the movie I've probably seen most often: "You've got Mail" with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. A classic of romantic comedy. My sentence will be:

"Don't you just love New York in the Fall?"

I already did some brainstorming (wil upload a photo of the German-English word collection) & made a moodboard on Gimmebar. (A very useful platform for moodboards)

Here's a link to my mood board so far:

I will go for a page in a magazine.

I'm back - after some work-bound traveling I'm back home now and can finally concentrate on sketching and drawing.

Here's my first experimentation with different letterings: 

What I came across in the meantime was the Woody Allen movie poster "Manhattan" where all the letters are supposed to be part of the new york skyline. I like this image very much and think that it will be part of the final drawing.

Here's the mindmapping and sketching I've done in order to get an idea how my actual drawing will look like. I want to inklude some doodles of leafs and of course some skyscrapers. I've especially looked up a few that are actually in the Upper Westside neighborhood.

As you can see, the "New York" part of the drawing really got a lot of attention:

When I was thinking of a final version of the drawing as a page in a magazine, I had to change the New York part completely. As the letters - as thin as they are here - just wouldn't fit. I think that the 3rd drawing would work with a little more refinement. 

What do you think?

I've refined my drawing now:

So, today I spend some hours refining my sketch. Now it is ready to get inked. I altered the letters in the pumpkin, added an illustration and also changed the letters of "New York" as they were hard to read.

So - after some feedback (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) I corrected some parts and inked them. Hope you like the result! I'm happy with most of the parts of it. (Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to scan the paper here - but I will do that during the weekend.)


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