Love My Geckos

As always my biggest problem with projects is that I often have vertical pictures and pictures only upload horizonally. One day I'll learn. For now my cover photo is not one of my chosen four for the assignment.

Since moving to Texas I have become attached to geckos. I have ceramic ones on walls and flat surfaces and if I could buy them for my patio the way ladybugs are sold for the garden, I would. They keep the bugs away.

So - when the class assignment was to photgraph a familiar object, I grabbed a gacko. 

I did have to take pictures with my smartphone. My only digital camera gave up several months ago. 

Here's my close-up.

I had trouble selecting a close-up view. Here's another.

Depth of field

He's supposed to be vertical.



Adding the human element.

Vertical shot - which landed on its side.

This was a fun class and short enough for me to break from work - I work at home, a writer - and do. I should be energized to put in a full day plus overtime tomorrow. 

After having done this project with my gecko, this morning every object I see screams to have the same treatment - my cheater glasses, the peanut butter jar, my toothbrush, the remote. No time for all that but I did snap in context shots of the remote and my glasses. 

Here they are:



This class is just too much fun.


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