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Love Me, Love my Landy...

I am a printmaker who makes typographic art and for my latest print I want to hand letter  the motto "Love me, Love my Landy"

I have a Land Rover Defender ...and Land Rover owners can be be a bit emotionally attachd to their vehicles (!)

Here are my key words

and here is my mood board

Alhough the lettering will be a big part of the final print the visual of a land rover will be equally important.

I started playing with lettering styles for the word 'love'... 

Land Rovers are all about rugged practicality and nuts & bolts so i am leaning towards letterforms that are 'constructed' ... although the word 'love' is usually associated (for me anyway) with scripts and femininity i dont think that would be right for this piece

Here are some layout thumbnails - numbered for easy reference!

any thoughts? would particularly like to know if you think using the same 'L' and 'Y' for both words in pic 17 works??

ok... so here are some worked up sketches... mainly based on thumbnail no3 and one based no thumbnail no.16....

here is no1

and no 2

and no3

and no. 4

and finally no.5

would love to know what you think... what is working, what is not... :)

after some feedback... i have decided to concentrate on the strength of the land rover illustration in sketch development no 4 and keep the nuts and bolts style of letters

i like the size and impact of the vehicle in this sketch and i like the way it could burst through the letters out of the page

i do like the union jack idea and i will progress that one in another print in the series...

however feedback from friends and family, particularly the male members, were not that taken with the 'love me' part of the phrase... i think it is at odds with their rugged land rover sense of masculinity!! to be honest i can see where they are coming from.... so after much brainstorming i am changing the phrase to either...

'Live a life less ordinary' or 'For a life less ordinary' see below for sketches

I hope that it still plays on the heritage, principles and sense of individuality and adventure that land rover owners hold dear... and i like the way it emphasixes that land rover owners are (or at least like to think they are) a little bit different from the crowd

in the above there is the suggestion of mountains and scenery at the top but i am not sure if this detail overcomplicates things... below is the same but without the scenery

i wanted to try having the landy facing the other way to make the most of the word 'life' and changing the phrase to 'for a life...'

and just to see what a script might look like??

ok decision time!

i also played a bit with a design with more narrative by placing the land rover in its natural habitat (!) ie rugged natural scenery.... this was inspired by the travel poster image on my original mood board and while i did like it very much i felt that it was a little cliched and expected and too much like a land rover advert... so i abandoned it

so... which phrase? which way should the land rover face? any scenery? script?

love to hear your comments peeps :)

ok... after listening to feedback and some more thought i went with the first detailed sketch idea and have now inked this up...

some bits and pieces need attention... so i will go into illustrator to get them sorted

this piece is being developed for a reduction linoprint ... it will probably be at least 10 colours and i have to get my head round where each colour goes so i know how to cut the lino plate as i go along....

i know mary kate advises tracing a seperate layout for each overlapping colour so they can be edited in photoshop independently ... i may not do that as this will not be coloured and produced digitally... but i still need to know how the colours will work...  so i got out my marker pens to layout the colours... 

colours arent shades of exactly what will be finally printed but they are close enough to give me an idea of what goes where

next i will have to ink up a layout with lines that define the area that denotes each colour

getting my head round all the layers for printing this traditionally was doing my head in with marker pend so i but the bullet and created laters in photoshop for each colour... it took forever and i am now seeing double but it has really helped....

waht do you all think??? :)

 Colour No1

Colour No.2 ... stronger letters...???

Colour No.3... orange letters?

Colour No.4

and Colour No.5 above... a mix of letter colours

Please tell me your favourite/suggestions :)


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