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Tina Pomroy

President, Pomroy Consulting Inc.



Love, Live, and Lead

Learning from the Q&A

As expected, people saw things about me that I didn't expect them to see, nor did I see some of them myself.  I sent my Q&A to a variety of people: colleagues, old friends, new friends, family, mentors, teachers.  There were a lot of wonderful things said.... here are some things that struck me:

  • People see me as positive and inspiring
  • Some people think I'm hard to keep up with
  • People think I know what I want and I do it
  • My daughter thinks very highly of me as a person and a mom - the most touching Q&A I've ever done
  • I need to appreciate myself more (surprise!)
  • I should ask for help when I need it
  • I am capable of amazing and big things and I have to follow through with my big ideas
  • The Q&A has given me power.  Some things I was ignoring came up, e.g., I don't always follow through with my ideas, but all the positive things said have helped raise my confidence in my self and I am now empowered to move through the fears that keep me from following through on things.

    My 10-Year Vision

    The waterfalls alarm sounds at 6 a.m.  It's the big day!  My family has taken school and work off today to support my business launch.

    I roll over and kiss my husband.  We share our gratitudes and get up to start our day.  I head to the yoga studio while he heads outside for a run.  The kids are asleep.  Our oldest daughter, 29, arrived home from her world travels last week, and we're all thrilled to have her back with us.  Our youngest daughter is 12 and has done her own world traveling with us over the years, and is still admires her older sister.

    My yoga studio is naturally lit through walls of windows that open and look out onto our property.  A view of trees and a river gives me a daily dose of inspiration while I fuel my body, mind, and soul with yoga and meditation.

    After our morning rituals, my husband and I prepare a healthy, clean breakfast and coffee.  The kids wake to the smell and we enjoy a family breakfast over laughter and excitement.  Everyone is participating in the events of the day.  We mindfully enjoy our food and prepare for the rest of the day.

    After over a decade of providing coaching, leadership training, and mindful management programs, I have coupled my love and passion of yoga and health with my business and created the Mindful Leadership Fitness Centre.  I'm thrilled to collaborate with community yoga and health leaders to be able to provide a holistic leadership centre serving political, community, business, education, and youth leaders.  I am grateful for the mindful, talented, and innovative team that have agreed to work with me to provide superior training, coaching, and holistic leadership fitness programming for leaders anywhere in the world.

    The Mindful Leadership Fitness Centre is nestled amongst trees and walking trails with an ocean view five minutes outside the city of St. John's, NL.  The launch is being held in the yoga room, which is lined with windows viewing the ocean.  We arrive hours in advance and my team and collaborators follow - we are a big, happy family.  People from the community, my clients, closest family and friends, and others interested in leadership start to trickle in and the energy in the room is large and full of love.

    My husband, daughers, and I start the event with a gratitude - as I always do at meetings I lead.  I tell my story of how I ended up in this place.  Each team member introduces himself or herself.  Each collaborator talks about his or her role and why this collaboration makes sense for them.  The audience is full of life and excitement.

    A 30-minute yoga and practice follows and team members then lead tours of the facility.  The event ends with much chitter chatter about how connected they feel and a desire to become part of this community.

    After a celebration with the team, my family returns home to be greeted by our closest family and friends who have already started celebrating with an outdoor fire and music with guitars, drums, and other instruments.

    I'm surrounded by love.  My life is beautiful.  I am grateful.  And it's time for me to pass it on to people that lead communities, youth, businesses, and themselves.  This is my contribution.  Love.  Life.  Leadership.


    1 Year


  • Go on a yoga retreat in Mexico in February 2014
  • Read one book for personal or business development per month
  • Have monthly date nights with my husband and daughter
  • Health / Fitness

  • Complete physiotherapy and run a ½ marathon again by May 2014
  • Spend 1 hour every day exercising (yoga, run, hike, dance, snowshoe, etc.) by October 2013
  • Practice yoga at least 3x per week by May 2014
  • Build a clean eating cookbook for my family and me and make clean eating an easy habit
  • Meditate for 10 minutes every morning by September 2013
  • Learn about and begin growing vegetables by July 2013
  • Career / Finance

  • Launch Pomroy Consulting Inc. website by October 2013
  • Begin executive coaching certification program by January 2014
  • Create manuals for Pomroy Consulting Inc. programs by September 2013
  • Attract five like-minded businesses/leaders as clients by December 2013

    5 Year


  • Write a book by December 2018
  • Travel annually with my family for adventurous, active, and cultural experiences
  • Move to an international location for two years by 2016
  • Health / Fitness

  • Run a marathon by 2018
  • Complete a yoga teacher training certificate by 2018
  • Grow enough vegetables and herbs in my garden for 25% of my vegetable intake by 2014
  • Career / Finance

  • Buy a rental property by 2018
  • Generate $200,000 per year in coaching & facilitation revenues and $50,000 per year passive income with online programs by 2018
  • Complete an NLP certification by 2018

    10 Year


  • Live in my dream home with yoga studio and zen garden and built with ‘green’ technology and products by 2023
  • Travel to India and stay in an ashram by 2021
  • Drive the ‘greenest’ vehicle possible by 2020
  • Health / Fitness

  • Teach yoga by 2019
  • Build a greenhouse for growing a greater variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs
  • Go on an adventure race vacation with my husband
  • Career / Finance

  • Buy a rental property in Costa Rica by 2023
  • Share office space with a yoga studio by 2019
  • Create meaningful and sustainable relationships with other like-minded businesses and professionals that will collaborate with me for The Mindful Leadership Fitness Centre
  • Launch The Mindful Leadership Fitness Centre by 2023
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