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Love Lines [working title]



My name is Matt Bateman, a Cambridge-born, London-based creative; by day an industrial designer, by night a bartender and striving to start a not-for-profit t-shirt company – Love Lines. This is the brand I will be working for during this project.


------------------The Brand------------------

The non-for-profit idea comes firstly from a general desire to do good, but secondly, it allows the process to be completely pure, done simply for my love of the work and pride in the output.

Love Lines is still in its infancy; the name is a working title (totally open to suggestions?!) but the design language is more developed, and the core values are as follows;

-            Caring about the work you do and enjoying it

-            Caring about other people and helping where possible

The brand looks to embody these ideas and inspire our consumers to do the same, but ultimately it’s about righteous tees! 

(Mockup of an early concept)

(Concepts 2 & 3 - WIP)

------------------Design Brief------------------

Clean, detailed illustration will be the basis of design work. The attention to detail and intricacy aims to give consumers’ the feeling that designs have been poured over, taking time and dedication to craft – my personal response to designs with an eye for detail (Johnny Cupcakes being a prime example!).

Designs will also strongly draw on symbolism to create engaging designs, which consumers can build an emotional connection to in how they read them. The content of the illustrations will aim to inspire the consumer to follow in the footsteps of the brands core values, exploring themes of:

-       Our place in the world

-       Our impact on the world and others around us

-       Our personal dreams, aims and aspirations

-       Controlling/ seeking the path to our future


I also listen to this playlist a lot when designing which may give further insight into my ideas, inspiration and associations outside of the visual:

I'm totally psyched to be part of this class and really looking forward to hearing peoples opinions, criticisms, suggestions and guidance - I haven't shown this work to anyone else yet! 


I had the idea for this concept a while ago, although up to this point in very general terms. The basic idea is that of striving or stretching for some goal, objective or dream.

I figured the out stretched hand or clenched fist could look quite striking or iconic, then on second glance you realise there's something more to it - possibly there's some resistance at the base of the arm? Or possibly its reaching for something familiar?

(Concept thumbnails and inital thoughts)

(Concept 1)

(Concept 2)

The final concepts maybe tell different stories but essentially represent the same idea. I don't know how other people will read them, but to me they look like this;

- Concept 1 is about coming out of whats comfortable and stretching for something which may take hard work or time. 

- Concept 2 is about cutting out everything else, focussing on your dream and grabbing it.


Having scanned and vectorized the above sketchwork I felt the design language wasn't inkeeping with that of the previous design work for the brand. While they had a good narrative, I decided to try and focus on finding a better medium to contain detal and patterning.

(Concept board)

(Concept development)

(Final concept)

For this concept I spent more time developing in Illustrator and less time on paper; the brand style so far had focussed on clean lines and replication of details/ patterns. A few iterations are shown above and I feel like the final design is much more representative of what had been done so far and a better embodiment of what the brand called for.


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