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Love Lies In Blood

 This is my very first screen play. I am kinda nervous about it. I honestly dont have a computer to be able to  fix all my corrections. So I know im not near in the running for winning this thing but I do have to say, from this class I have learned where my true love lies. I am in love with writting.  The possibilities are endless with writting. I see why mr.franco is caught by the writting bug. Its almost like another world when u are writting. Your very own world. A place to escape and think about things that you imagine.  It fills voids that you are missing. You dont realize at first but as u are writting it becomes clear as day. I am really into movies, books, writting. So i figured this would be a really fun experience. It also was a combination of everything that i love, so how could i pass up an opportunity to be creative?! 

My Final Draft:

My rough draft:

Step 1- Selecting my text

I chose Rosie Roberts from "Spoon River Anthology" because it struck me the most in alot of ways. I Found it very interesting and very real. Crimes of passion i think are always gonna happen because love can make some people crazy. I also have a love for crime stories and movies, so i thought i could have alot of fun writting this and coming up with ideas for a story. I instantly sided with rosie as i was reading this poem, I felt she was just tired of all kinds of abuse she was facing in her job and this was one situation that pushed things to get out of control and you kind of feel bad for her being in that postion.  Here is the poem.


Rosie Roberts

I was sick, but more than that i was mad 

At the crooked police, and the crooked game of life

So i wrote to the Chief of Police at Peoria:

"I am here in my girlhood home in Spoon River, 

Gradually wasting away.

But Come and take me, I killed the son 

Of the merchant prince, in Madam Lou's

And the papers that said he killed himself

In his home while cleaning a hunting gun-

Lied like the devil to hush up scandal

For the bribe of advertising.

In my room I shot him, at Madam Lou's

Because he knocked me down when i said 

That in spite of all the money he had,

I'd see my lover that night."

Step 2-  Drafting my screen play

Adapting this poem into a screen play i thought was very fun and i also learned some things about Peoria. Thats how i got some ideas for a couple of the names in my screen play. Holt was a family that had a tractor business in Peoria known as Catipiller tractors. So even though they werent merchant heirs i just kinda took that as an idea for a rich family at that time. I brainstormed alot of different ideas on how the story should go. I picked the best that i thought was staying more true to the poem itself. I really enjoyed writtiing this story. The ideas are endless and it really took me to another place. I had alot of fun writting this. Just the brainstorming of ideas was alot of fun. 

Step 3- Logline 

 Ex woman of the night is on her death bed, and has a dark confession about murder of a former client that was obsessed with her.


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