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Love Letters

Step 1: Selecting The Text:

Winesburg, Ohio | Sherwood Anderson | 'The Philisopher' 

Doctor Parcival began to plead with George Willard. "You must pay attention to me," he urged. "If something happens perhaps you will be able to write the book that I may never get written. The idea is very simple, so simple that if you are not careful you will forget it. It is this-that everyone in the world is Christ and that they are all crucified. That's what I want to say. Don't you forget that. Whatever happens, don't you dare let yourself forget."

1. The Story- I was trying to find inspiration by all the themes in the book "Winesburg, Ohio". Which strangely all do connect with the themes in "Love Letters". Without giving away too much premise, it's very much similar to the characters in Winesburg and the connections we all have together. That connection can also cross over time and space, different lifetimes, reincarnation. There's also a sense of hope and strength seen in Dr. Parcival. A determination that the "story" the "book" must be written. 

2. The Screenplay- It has elements of the film "Somewhere In Time" and the action sense of the Davinci Code. And what I mean by action of Davinci Code was there was a sense of Metaphysical Action/Drama going on, that same vibe for "Love Letters". The script would have to be tightknit and perfected writing and dialog. Any misstep, the story could fall in the wayside of cheesy. Also to complicate it more there is a romance. 

When: 15-25 years in the future. 

Location: Triad Publishing Office, Los Angeles 

Characters: Secretary, Dorothy Mintz, Mr. Dean Rydell

About the Author: Roland Bondoc, Student 


Multiple story arcs
How they affect each other
4 sources
Love letters ?
Town setting-additional character
Art influences art
Mothers & Daughter
Letter writing
A. P.
Wanting your love back
True love
Paula/robin thick
High school sweet hearts
Everything together as in a dream
Self expression
Loss of communication
Nothing in common
God is my drug
Sexual influence
Loss of intellectual spirit
Trying to spell intellectual
That a meeting of the minds is just as stimulating as fucking
Death of parent
Death of a mother
Irony of the sweet
Caribbean Humor
Cause n effect/no cause n effect
U bring to my knees
People not understanding
Ahead of its time
Not about Heros/completely flawed
Extreme flawed characters
Father son relationships/hint
All robots just going thru the motion
Overwhelming responsibility
Art upon Art
The Creator/God
Unrequited Love
Find You
Making a Hit
Somewhere In Time
Complex Love Story
Unfinished Work
Don't be afraid of your dreams
"You must try to forget all you have learned, you must begin to dream"
Short n easy
1 minute man
5 minute man
Out with a bang
Secret identities
We're all connected
Pocket watch
Destroyed Dreams
Parental Dreams
The very essence of truth
Page 27
Wanting to better thyself
A. P.
Ultimate Paradoxxx
To tell her of his thoughts and dreams

Step 2: The Screenplay 

"Love Letters"

Charachters: Secretary, Dorothy Mintz, Mr. Dean Rydell 

Dorothy Mintz is in office. Cold room filled with yellow 60's California vibe. Secretary looks as if she could be a throwback to the 60's, except for piercings and modern clothing.

Secretary: Please take a seat in the waiting room area, Mr. Rydell will be with you in a moment.

Dorothy heads over to the waiting room. Separated by a small wall, Dorothy can still see the secretary. The secretary glances at Dorothy. Dorothy turns. Dorothy looks at the secretary again. The secretary is doing her work, still with peculiar smile. Dorothy twiddles her thumbs. She looks in her purse, pulls out a handkerchief and pats the sweat off her forehead. She looks to her side to see if she still has the manuscript. She places her hand on it. She puts the handkerchief back into her purse.

Secretary: Miss Mintz, Mr. Rydell will see you now.

Dorothy sits up. She makes sure nothing is left behind.

Dorothy: Thank you.

Dorothy looking to the secretary for support, the secretary is not phased, back to work.

Dorothy enters the room nervously. Dorothy sees Mr. Rydell.

Mr. Rydell: Nice to meet you. (Fast, friendly, forward)

Dorothy shakes his hand followed by an awkward bow. Dorothy struggles to sit down. Dorothy holds back tears.

Dorothy: Thank you for seeing me.

Mr. Rydell: No, the pleasure is all mine.

Dorothy: You have a beautiful office.

Mr. Rydell: Thank you. Did you bring the manuscript?

Dorothy: Yes it's right here. I take it you've read most of the e-mails I've sent.

Mr. Rydell: Yes, and your blog, very entertaining. So let's get this straight, who wrote this you or your grandfather?

Dorothy: What do you mean?

Mr. Rydell: (Laughs)

Dorothy: I've always maintained that my grandfather wrote the story. I'm just presenting.

Mr. Rydell: Your interviews, the media circus, the controversies, a story of explanation of life, art, and existence. You've had no hand in writing this?

Dorothy: I've had to piece it together, the concept, ideas, words, they were all my grandfather's.

Mr. Rydell takes out a cigarette.

Mr. Rydell: Do you smoke?

Dorothy: No, it's not good for you.

Mr. Rydell puts the cigarette in his mouth and lights it. Puff, blows smoke. Dorothy is motionless. He takes out another cigarette hands it to her. Dorothy accepts, puts it in her mouth and leans forward. Mr. Rydell lights the cigarette.

Dorothy: Mr. Rydell why am I here?

Mr. Rydell: (laughs again) For the manuscript, of course.

Dorothy takes a drag out of the cigarette and puts it out.

Dorothy: Strange how you used to use foreign accents to practice your craft.

Mr. Rydell: Excuse me?

Dorithy: I read in your autobiography that you used to practice acting by using accents on random strangers.

Mr. Rydell: Would you consider me a stranger?

Dorothy: (silent)

Mr. Rydell: There's nothing wrong with make-believe.

Dorothy: Like right now. (Jenny starts to tear)

Mr. Rydell stands up with a kleenex. He attempts to wipe her face. She lifts her hand to block and receive the kleenex.

Dorothy: I just feel overwhelmed to be here, I feel like I found what I was looking for.

Mr. Rydell: I want to buy the rights to the book. One condition, under one condition, that the book never be published.

Dorothy: I don't understand. The essays, the stories they're all posted.

Mr. Rydell: We know. Chunks, fragments. Just small pieces of the puzzle that haven't been pieced together yet. There are higher forces working. If the story, essays, etc., be compiled to mass production. Truth is in danger. (Quick Pause) We've had a contract drawn up, our offer is five hundred thousand dollars. It's triple what the other houses are offering.

Dorothy: I thought you were going to help me?

Mr. Rydell: We are. Five hundred thousand dollars.

Dorothy: My grandfather, silencing his story!

Mr. Rydell: There are reason he never got published.

Dorothy abruptly gets up and leaves the office.

Mr. Rydell stands, sees manuscript on floor.

Mr. Rydell: See you around Dorothy...

Step 3: Logline

A man and woman seek out to lock/unlock the secrets of the life. 


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