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Sarah Price

Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer



Love Letters

This is subtle but the T and y in the original were too close and the o was to far from both the p and the g.  I also brought the phy closer together and separated the r and the a a bit.

Ruche - womens wear - femine script, old style - vintage and florishes/embellishments - many of the clothes are embelished and have details 

John lewis and waitrose are the same company so same font but waitrose has a fresh green to compliment the fresh food available.

Topshop and dorothy perkins - both from the same umbrella group similar style sans serif font and all capitals balck and white. Dorothy perkins is a slab version of topshop.

Anthropologie - all capitals and serif font- handdrawn florishes stop it being too newspaper like. capitals give it authority and its authority over details and flourishes with a homespun hand made slant

Ikea slab sans serif yellow and blue. yellow and blue same as swedish flag. circle highlights the name name suggests value but also solidness.

Spoonflower clear handwritten script  with flower doodle. looks drawn  and simple feminine and creative - non threatening friendly.  anyone could draw that flower so helps persuade people that they could create art too

Hotel chocolat and Thorntons - both chocolate companies,  Hotel is written in capitals Chocolat is script. there is a full stop after the t in chocolat.Looks like an upmarket hotel but choclat  resembles melting chocolate

Thorntons has the amazon smile and either a star or kiss at the end.  script font gives it a traditional old style sweet shop feel.  brown and white looks like sepia but also chocolate

Liberty colour purple - regal and crest - again regal - traditional and expensive  Liberty is not script so looks modern 

This my alphabet.  I had some difficulty with the B and t so left the duplicate as a reminder for me. 

font made using myscript font

Valentines Project

Quote- You are just my type or You're just my type

Word hierachy- Main words are you, me and type 

you and me need to be solid and permanent forever and ever font

type will be courier to build on typewriter theme

just will be a romantic script font to be more dreamy

Layout -

Colour choice-

using a vintage typewritter theme based arround the french film Populaire. Romantic french film based in 1950's with typewriter theme.

looked for ideas using design seeds

Credit - could not find a credit for this quote

Sketches - illustrative hearts and typewriter selected from the wrapping paper design.

Final design Card

and wrapping paper



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