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Mireya .




Love Is...

Love is a world-like smile that I seem to be drawn to. I am thiking about these quotes:

Love is the sweetest dessert and my object would be a photo of a cake.

I will keep working on this later.

Love-maybe I should choose a picture that represents love and see what happens.

Here's my work.


More practice. I currently have illustrator and have ideas. I've never worked with photoshop. My focus right now is to get better at drawing letters.


Dream is looking pretty good.


This practice is also working for the digitizing class. I have trouble drawing curves for letters like o, c, and e. What can I do to get this down?  Mastering the curves are what make the parts of the letter play together.  I feel like my letters need that cohesiveness here and there. What do you think?


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