Myra P

Artist & Author



Love Is...

Love is a world-like smile that I seem to be drawn to. I am thiking about these quotes:

Love is the sweetest dessert and my object would be a photo of a cake.

I will keep working on this later.

Love-maybe I should choose a picture that represents love and see what happends.

I practice design and layout. I someday want to be able to do this work on a hugh space-murals.

Here's my work.


More practice. I curently have illustrator and have ideas to add my type to a picture in illustrator. but have never worked with photoshop. I am not susre when I will try this as my focus right now is to get better at drawing letters.



This practice is also working for the digitizing class. I have trouble drawing curves for letters like o, c, and e. What can I do to get this down?  Mastering the curves are what make the parts sof the letter play together and I feel like my letters need that cohesiveness here and there. What do yoy think?


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