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Love, Ghost

Target Audience:

Young Adult - Ages 14 - 18

My reader is a teenaged girl who enjoys reading paranormal mysteries set in high school.  


I originally titled this fall.  I didn't think that was descriptive enough, so I re-titled it to Love, Ghost because this seemed like a cool way to introduce the idea of creepy love notes from a ghost.

Blurb (Old)

On her first day of high school, Marisa's hopes of ever getting a social life are squashed when she finds a varsity cheerleader's corpse in her locker. When Marisa starts getting love notes and roses from the dead girl's ex-stalker, she knows she has to solve the case before another murder.

Blurb (Revised)

Marisa Reyes has two problems at her new school:

  1. One dead cheerleader, stuffed into her locker.
  2. Strange notes addressed to her, signed by someone who calls himself Ghost.

When Marisa's family moves to Illinois before she begins her sophomore year of high school, she finally has the chance to leave her past behind her. Then a cheerleader turns up dead in Marisa's locker, and Marisa starts finding strange notes from someone who knows too many details of the death. Will Marisa be able to solve the mystery without wrecking the perfect new life she is trying to build for herself? ---

Cover Design (Old)

I used PicMonkey and rgbstock to create the cover.  The initial image is heavily distorted.  The background has a subtle paper texture.  The forground features shadows and a translucent rose, suggesting darkness in love.

I originally used a penname on the cover, but I switched to using my real name because it syncs better with my twitter account.


Original rgbstock image:

Cover Design (Revised)

I got a lot of lukewarm responses to my last cover, so I created a new one.  I hope this one is a little better.



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