Love Dominique and the Love Nation


Love Dominique's supporters call themselves The Love Nation. The Love Nation ladies are between the ages of 18 - 24 and primarily reside in Houston, Texas. They have a love for fashion, magazines, and hanging out with their friends. They like Love Dominique for her sense of fashion, as well as what her music represents: a young lady who knows who she is, and knows what she wants.

The Love Nation's ladies favorite song is What U Need - the mid tempo song where the girl lets the guy know that she is the type of girl you treat right and respect.

 (below is a still from Love Dominique's What U Need video )

She also Live tweets with her female supporters about their favorite reality shows like The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

What the Love Nation loves most about Love Dominique is that she works hard. She always has new material whether it be new pictures, videos or merchandise. There is never a dull moment for the Love Nation.

The Love Nation dudes are between the age of 21 - 25 and love to listen to hip hop & r&b, play video games and are into sports. They are primarly located in Houston, Texas.

Their favorite song is Work it Out featuring rap artist DJ Chose who is also from Houston, Texas. The concept of the video is what they love the most, which is a girl (Love Dominique) who kidnaps her unfaithful boyfriend  to let him know whats on her mind. It reminds them of the video games they play that have interesting storylines. They are also fans of the rapper on the song.

( below is a still from Love Dominique's Work It Out remix video. This image depicts the love interest (DJ Chose) who Love Dominique has kidnapped because he is being unfaithful)

What the Love Nation dudes love most about Love Dominique is that her music is very hip hop influenced (with her beats), she collaborates with their favorite local rappers  and that she is a very hardworker.

(they also connect with Love Dominique because she is also a boxing fan.)

What makes the Lovenation  want to root for Love Dominique is her drive.  She  just went on a 5 city independent tour that consisted of clubs, colleges and even the Dallas Car show where she performed in front of 2,000 + people. She inspires her Love Nation  to always work hard, and lets them know that they can do anything.

(still of Love Dominique performing at the Dalls Car show)

Love Dominique also has contests to interact with her supporters, like her "What U Need" Contest where she asked fans to make a video talking about what makes them awesome.. She wants her fans to be confident, and to know that each one of them is very talented and that they should be proud of their abilities.

(still from one of the supporter's video from the What U Need Contest)

(Love Dominique always makes sure to let her supporters know that they are appreciated! She sometimes reposts the tweets they send her, to her instagram.)


 Career Progression Model

Hobbyist: Amber Freeze

DIY Arist: Love Dominique 

Emerging Act: Leah Labelle 

Major: Beyonce 

Legend: Tina Turner 


Links of all the videos:

What U Need Video:

Work It Out (RMX) Video:

Dallas Car show Video:

What U Need Video Contest Supporter:

Love Dominique Web Links.



Twitter: @dominiquemusic

Oficial Website:

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