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Shaunte Glover

I am partial to rooftops.



Love & Backpacks

My Story:

Love & Backpacks

"Love & Backpacks" has been a part of me for several years. It's descriptive nature stuck with me immediately. Only recently have I found its counterpart, its rightful place.

Visuals. It is what I do. It is who I am.

Stepping in front of the camera to aid with my interpretation of the world, my world, is the newest and the scariest.

I am refining my delivery, my intention of Love & Backpacks.

My Camera, My Laptop, My Backpack, Travels, Experiences, Shares, Reporting = Love & Backpacks

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Why this content, why this platform, why now?

This content is true to me..not solely because it is me but because I am making sure that it is. As difficult as it has been to step in front of the camera I have realized that in additon to the work that I do for other people the work that I do for and of myself is the work that I am meant to share.

Instagram is amazing. It has a wide reach. It has a simple presentation. It can easily act as a portfolio. It can bring forth so much opportunity if done correctly.

Why now? Why not. Seth Godin says ..."it's always your turn." It's my turn.


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