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Shaunte Glover

I am partial to rooftops.



Love & Backpacks

Love & Backpacks





Slogan: Let's go.


"Love & Backpacks" has been a part of me for several years. It's descriptive nature stuck with me immediately. Only recently have I found its counterpart, its rightful place.

Visuals. It is what I do. It is who I am.

Stepping in front of the camera to aid with my interpretation of the world, my world, is the newest and the scariest.

I am refining my delivery, my intention of Love & Backpacks.

My Camera, My Laptop, My Backpack, Travels, Experiences, Shares, Reporting = Love & Backpacks

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Age - 20-35

Occupation - Creatives, Teachers, Speach Therapists, Baristas. Broken down, the viewers are creatives and individuals who allow their ability to relate and empathize influence and inspire their daily lives.

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Exploration is the concept. Just like Dora, I am out to explore. Seeing and experiencing is at the life of Love & Backpacks. Whether it is parts of my city that I see everyday but do not truly experience or Austin, TX, a place that I have yet to visit, or an opinion/belief of a fellow human being, or the experience of a fellow human is all exploration.

What I take with me and how I utilize it is Love & Backpacks.

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"Follow Love & Backpacks' Shaunté as she traverses the streets of Portland in the Kia Soul. Food carts, breweries, parks & gardens, JOIN US!"

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