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Love Army

                             Love Army is an independent graphic design apparel brand
                                                  based in Manila and founded 2012.

An army is a force. The force pertaining to people who dream and do what they love. So "Do What You Love" stands as its current slogan. Very easy to understand but people are too hooked onto the fast-paced life that they forget to live life and chase dreams. After all, this is how I started.

As a graphic designer I made designs for other people. Being from the Philippines in this career line isn't helping either so I opted to freelance and work for myself.

Doing different types of media, I finally came across illustrations for shirts and thought I can really really do better - like most of you, I believed firmly in my potential. And so, Love Army was born.

To expose various individuals' interests over uniquely conceived designs and give a unified sense of style, passion, and appreciation even in the simple way of wearing and reppin it.

We help and inspire others to chase the dream and have that sense of fulfillness. People are alive but not necessarily living life. To grasp the time they always had to finally do something. Visually, we would like to remind them to make it, or at the very least, try.

We are all soldiers of life but never should we stop being the kids we are at heart. So the logo was made and inspired mainly of an army insignia rank and, of course, a heart.

The three stars, aside from the star icon being commonly used as a means to signify rank, actually represents the three main islands of the Philippines - Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. I wanted to keep this to always have a sense of origin.

If it's any interest of yours, these are the other sketches I had when the logo was still being conceptualized back then.

On a more personal note, it's funny because my name is Ken, my girl's name is Bianca, and people actually think I embedded those letters into the logo when you rotate the logo to the left by 90. Of course, with the 3 stars for ILY. That was, in all honesty, great coincidence :)

Here's a scaling of the logo from it's normal size use on the web down to favicon size

Of course, my main method of updates and presence is a website. I understand how social media plays a part but I firmly believe how a strong presence online can be better established with an official website that isn't solely relying on other platforms - rather, aims to utilize those platforms to promote the main site.

And so, I always make it a point to refer them to the site to make their orders

And to further strengthen the branding sense and recall of the name, I own the exact-match domain name and "lovearmy" usernames on all major platforms - Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Youtube

My shirt format is simple - keep the insignia on the left sleeve at all times. It's like the military mark/rank the actual mean in uniform wear. This way, I can play with its colors and at a collective/gathering of those wearing it, it still differs from each other.

I chose the left sleeve for a simple reason, society here keeps right so logically, the right shoulder is facing the wall while the left is facing the other crowd.

Initially I wanted it to feel as if it was a natural mail you'd receive in good old times for a nostalgic approach. Which is why I started out with this approach: Manila Paper and Paper Twine with a sticker stamp.

After months of doing this though, and a couple of sore fingers because of the rough paper twine texture, I opted to go for eco/tote bags which weren't half bad. They served a chance of being reused again especially in a society where going green seems to be catching up.

These are practically the first few designs made under the brand. All these intial designs were spurred from cultural ideas.

1. North/South Manila

People always refer to the North and the South here in Manila. Hence this was born with a utilization of negative space.


CSPB stands for Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti, which is the 1st line of prayer from my beloved alma mater, which I've always been proud of. I made it in a way to be very universally attractive even to those who don't actually know it. Until now when I wear this outside, I get eyeballs.

Just recently during an opening of a streetwear shop carrying well known intl brands, I was even approached and was asked about the shirt :)

3. Royal & Pontifical

Yet based on another school, which is not mine, but my beloved girl's :)

As much as I can, I try to utilize all the media mileage I can. I understand I can't be all photos and blogs, which is why I try my best to get into collabs and events (even sponsorships), and use up some skills in video editing to give people some things to watch.


* * *

That's it for now.
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