Louisville Tap Water

Louisville Tap Water - student project

People lucky enough to live in Louisville, Kentucky have access to some of the tastiest tap water on the planet. Better than bottled water and straight from the spout, Louisville's delicous water is a local favorite and a healthy beverage selection. The Louisville Water Company even brands their product as Pure Tap and activiley promotes the purity of the city's water supply.

So, to honor the simply perfection of pure, clean refreshment, I'd like to create a vintage label for Louisville Tap Water. I am a huge fan of found design and vintage labeling and would really like to create a label that emulates old soda pop labels. I'd ideally like to come up with a round design featuring hand lettering and illustration limited to just a couple colors. If successful, I'd like to utilized the design as a t-shirt.

Some of the original inspiration I have pulled together is below.

Louisville Tap Water - image 1 - student project

Below are my first batch of thumbs.

Louisville Tap Water - image 2 - student project

Pencil Comp.

Louisville Tap Water - image 3 - student project

Illustrator + Photoshop Comp.

Louisville Tap Water - image 4 - student project

Real World Mock-Ups

Louisville Tap Water - image 5 - student project

Louisville Tap Water - image 6 - student project

Louisville Tap Water - image 7 - student project

Nick Knight

Artist and Designer in KY, USA.