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Nora Patterson

Wannabe Illustrator



Louisiana Swamp Tours

For the past few years, every Mother's Day, my family has gone on a swamp tour. We live in Southern Louisiana, so they are easy to come by. I wanted to make a poster for my Mom for next Mother's Day, so I decided to start here.

I did a lot of quick rough sketches. I almost chose a different set of words, but I wanted to challenge myself to stay with it. A lot of my sketches were in script, but for the sake of this class, I ended up going with a straighter font to make it easy on myself for the learning process. The font I finally chose is Blanch. I got it from Lost Type

Here are a few progress shots from where I started..

I wasn't very happy with any of these, so i kept playing around with the details and orientation of the words.

The last design is the one I am most happy with so far. Since I'm trying to keep myself on a strict schedule for this project, I'm going to move forward with that one. 


*This image does not belong to me

I tried the Offset Path look, but it just didnt work with this design. I used the Transform tool and changed the horizontal angle 10 degrees to give it some subtle movement. Then I brought it into Photoshop for final textures. I'm happy with it overall. I may not use it for what I intended, but I definitely learned a lot from this class. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for looking!


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