Louise De Masi's Watercolor Succulent Class

Louise De Masi's Watercolor Succulent Class - student project

Louise De Masi's Watercolor Succulent Class - image 1 - student projectFirst of all I LOVED this class. It was very detailed but explained in a way that even a beginner could understand. But this was a big project. It took me about 3 days and a good 10 hours at least to complete this painting, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out. 

I used a 9"x12" Sheet of Arches Cold Press 140lb paper. I didn't have anything larger or heavier at the time, but this worked fine. 

Also as I don't have a printer at home, I had to draw the succulent by hand, so some of the shapes aren't exactly right, but I think I made it work. 

As well I didn't have quite a few of the paint colors so I made up some mixes of what I had which I'll share below since it might be helpful to other students. 

I had Paynes Blue Grey rather than Paynes Grey and I used it along with some Burnt Sienna and some Daniel Smith Amazonite to create my verson of Terra Verte. 

I used my Paynes Blue Grey again, mixed with Daniel Smith's Cascade Green, and that created my best estimate of Perylene Green. But Perylene Green HAS just made it on my To Buy list (It's a very long list). 

For the Phthalo Yellow Green I used a mix of Sap Green and Green Gold. 

I also didn't have Quinacridone Pink or Potter's Pink but I made do with Quinacridone Rose and some Alizarin Crimson. 

Thankfully I did have the other colors. 

I opted NOT to do the water droplets mostly because I was getting impatient to get this project done, and also because I couldn't find my White Gouache. 


I would love to try another class from Louise. She's a wonderful teacher and a gifted artist! 


Brandy Stock
Watercolor artist and teacher..