Louis Vuitton's Journey campaign

Louis Vuitton's Journey campaign - student project

I love video and I am definitely a sucker for a beautifully crafted video campaign that taps at emotions. I myself am a video designer and learning to create a compelling piece is my aim. 

I am not a Louis Vuitton fan. I have nothing against them but they are not something I particularly care about. A few years ago, though, they produced a video series tribute to the Boxer Muhammad Ali. For a marketing campaign of theirs called "Journey". They collaborated with a poet and a calligraphy artist and they created a video marketing campaign that was inspiring. 

Now this campaign is a couple years old and from what I remember, they focused on several different subjects. The Muhammad Ali version was my favorite, out of the bunch, because of the poetry, the sound design and the aesthetics.  

Is this my favorite campaign in the world? No, I have others. This campaign does it's job by reminding me why people matter and not the product being pushed. If you can make me care or make me feel some kind of emotion, then I will be hooked. I may not care about Louis Vuitton or know much about Muhammad Ali but if you can inspire, encourage, motivate or nourish the viewer in some way, then yes I will care, because that's how I want be.