Loud - student project

UPDATE (3/28): Well it looks like I'm dead in the water as far as adding texture goes. My version of Illustrator is so ancient that none of the commands Brad noted in his videos seem to even exist. The ones that do won't function for me. I'm so sad since I was really looking forward to having a final piece to turn in. I'll keep messing around with the AI program, but it's not looking too hopeful.

Loud - image 1 - student projectUPDATE (3/26): I decided to go for a lighter palette based off of your recommendations. Not sure that it's "perfect," but it's reading a bit louder to me than the last palette at least. The color behind the bear is a very pale pink (it might read white on the screen). Are the interior lines in Illustrator crop lines? I'm not sure what they are for exactly, and if my piece needs to be designed inside them or not?

Next up texture!

Loud - image 2 - student projectUPDATE (3/25): I am quite anxious about the color palette I ended up going with because it is so different from the sort of colors I would generally gravitate towards. Also, when all is said and done...it's probably not "loud" enough. I may end up reverting back to a version I had before this with a mustard colored backgroud...but I'd love to hear your constructive input on the piece as it is now.

My reasoning for the colors chosen was that the darkness represents the night sky, with the lilac corners hinting at the sun rising (hence the trumpet blowing and rooster crowing). All in all, my piece isn't really noisy enough...so I'm hoping that the final portion with texure will help get me closer to the goal. That or I might go mess around with the colors some more.

Thanks for your helpful tips and feedback so far everyone!

-----Loud - image 3 - student projectUPDATE (3/24): This is my first time creating anything with Illustrator, so you'll see that reflected in my piece for sure (it took me 30 minutes just to figure out how to open my rough sketch with the program - ack). I can't figure out how to access all the cool color palette tools that Brad highlighted in his videos (I'm using vs. 10.0.3 - so maybe it's too old), or how to bring inspirational pieces onto the workspace to aid in the creation of my work. So for better or worse (most likely the later) here is where I am at the moment. It needs a lot more work!

I'd love to hear a recommendation on how to create the text portion of my illustration. I can't figure out how to create curves so everything this far has been made with the simple pen tool (hence the very jagged rounded portions). It seems like the simple pen tool will only create very choppy cursive...so advice is definitely needed. There should be stripes on the shirt as well...but again I'm stuck. Do you create a new layer for every single stripe? When I attempt to create them on the same layer they all attach together (not what I want).

I am hoping that I can get the hang of things enough to at least make it to the texture portion of the class. It looks very flat right now and definitely would be improved with some well-placed texture. Thanks for your helpful feedback everyone. Your illustrations are all so wonderful!


I first started by creating a list of decriptive words based off the words LOUD and QUIET. I also drew up a few sketches of quiet moments that were on the brink of becoming loud (such as a tip-toeing elephant, stepping on a bee, and dropping a stack of dishes) but ended up with this sketch of something a bit more straight-forward. I can't decide if I'd like to include a vintage-style alarm clock in the scene to add an additional noisy element and maybe balance the design a bit...or if it would be overkill.

Loud - image 4 - student project

I am stuck without a scanner after our move (our moving truck never showed up with our belongings), so I'm hoping that I'll still be able to participate without it. Maybe I can take a photo and upload it into Illustrator or Photoshop?

Constructive feedback is heartily appreciated!

Excited to see what everyone else will be working on for this assignment! xo Ez