Matt Soria

Web Designer/Developer



Loud (so much going on it's like static in my ears!!!)

Here is my word list:

I had a hard time picking between QUIET and LOUD, but I think I was leaning towards QUIET

Here are the first sketches around rough and immediate ideas:

And after a few days of pondering, here are some more:

Here I was torn between doing the "Whisper" illustration, and the dude tangled up in her own arms from trying to do too many things at once (I think this still represents loud in a way - right? Or no...).

For now I think I'm going with the dude tangled up for LOUD. It's a similar style to some sketches I used to do:

I was struggling with coming up with a concept that was going to be "really good", and one that was "really ME" - so I'm gonna try it out.


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