Loud Vs Quiet

Loud Vs Quiet - student project

Loud Vs Quiet - image 1 - student project

Here's the final with more detail and pattern. I can see how making patterns can be addictively fun. I'm not super happy with the noise text, but I am running out of time to fiddle with it more. I might go back a revisit it after a few days of not starting at it all the time! Thanks to all for the feedback and encouragement, it was very much appreciated and I'll miss that interaction after this class is over.  Thanks to Brad for a fantastic class, and for sharing your knowledge and expertise! I learned a lot of great tips and techniques. 

Loud Vs Quiet - image 2 - student project

Basic shapes and color down. I struggled with the little bear's turtlneck color and also the color of the book.  I also took the suggestions to change the expression of the little bear - it's so much better! I never really intended for this to be a full scene, but I'd be interested to hear any feedback on what you would do with the background (or anything else, of course!)

Step 1

Based on real life...I was trying to (quietly) read a book and was in a room with someone playing a very loud game!  When I was brainstorming the word "loud", I kep thinking about crazy polyester, bright, "loud" clothing and other contrasts that would emphasize the difference between the two aside from just thinking about it in terms of noise. 

Loud Vs Quiet - image 3 - student project

Loud Vs Quiet - image 4 - student project