Loud Singing Bird

Loud Singing Bird - student project


I changed the left bird's green-yellowish color to purple based on Brad's suggestion. My intention is to have the singing yellow bird as the main focus, and by making the other birds more subdued, I think the yellow stands out more. My only concern is, is the new purple bird too close to the branch purple, or does this work?

Loud Singing Bird - image 1 - student project



Small update here.. just added a little more details here and there, and decided to go with the lighter background.

Loud Singing Bird - image 2 - student project



I have made some changes based on the great feedback I got, and added some textures.

As I was playing around with colors, now I have two versions with different color background. I feel like the dark background (version 2) pops the characters more, but overall illustration might feel too dark and wanted to ask for your opinions!

Version 1

Loud Singing Bird - image 3 - student project

Version 2

Loud Singing Bird - image 4 - student project

Any thoughts/suggestions is greatly appreciated as usual!!



I decided to go with the birds!

I originally had all the birds different colors but it looked a little too much.. I made the singing bird most bright and contrast against the background to make it pop the most.  

I'm still playing with the colors before I start adding textures/light & shadow so any thoughts/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! :)

Loud Singing Bird - image 5 - student project



Before going into colors, I made some changes to my initial sketches.

I chose two concept: one with the singing bird, and the other with the heavy rain.

Here's the "loud singing bird" revised sketch.

I added ear muffs/cover to show how loud the singing is, and changed some layout/position to make sure the viewers eyes follow the image.

Loud Singing Bird - image 6 - student project

Here's the "heavy rain" revised sketch.

Loud Singing Bird - image 7 - student project

I added a bunny to interact with the girl. I like the composition but my concern is that I'm not sure if this conveys the word "loud"...any thoughts?



I wrote out whatever word that came to me related to "loud" as suggested by Brad, and drew some ideas out that I thought might work.

Loud Singing Bird - image 8 - student project

I'm leaning toward the bottom sketch of the birds (one singing out loud), but still open to other ideas.

Would love to hear what everybody thinks and any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for checking :)