Roman Wood

Freelance Graphic Designer/Artist



Loud: Rejoicing, singing and dancing in the Old City of Jerusalem. (Lecha Dodi: Stanza eight)

I chose to illustrate one of the stanza's from the Jewish liturgical prayer for Friday nights called Lecha Dodi (Come my beloved). It goes as fallows:

"To right and left you'll spread abroad,

And the Eternal One you shall laud.

Through the man from Peretz's family,

We shall rejoice and sing happily."

My idea is to have huge walls of the old city Jerusalem sprouling to the far left and right, and a force of wind and power moving to the left and right. The hand of the son of Peretz would be in the middle and bringing about the movement and rebuilding of the old city and The Temple. There would be balloons flying up into the sky and a man dancing and rejoicing on the road to the city. This would be a scene with a loud celebration within the city, where song, shouts and laughter wouldn't cease for weeks.

I had already done a sketch and inked over it. I would really like to bring it to life with color and textures in Illustrator. I am really looking forward to this class and learning some new trick that can bring some new life into my illustration projects.


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