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Niki Weinberg

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Loud: Pattern of Triangles

Hello! I am excited to get to work. Here are some ideas:

  • Loud, color, pattern, organic. break tradition.
  • Client: Myself. I want to put my Paper Tangent Logo on top of it, maybe use the negative space to create my PaperTangent Logo.
  • Tansparencies of Triangles and colors is something I want to play with. I want it to look loud and overdone. 
  • My first goal is to draw/copy a navajo indian pattern so I can learn what their process is a bit. Then I wan to use that info to create my own pattern. I want the creative process of filling in blocks of color to be organic and grow as I work. I dont really want to hand draw the whole damn thing first, but instead think it will be much more fun to play with the triangles and blocks of color once I am in the computer. Below are some inspirations for the project. Check out more on my Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/nicholeweinberg/skillshare-class-313/

Ok. i have my grid for working on Goal 1 which is to copy a Navajo Indian Pattern to learn process. Below is a grid I created. Now to go in and color!

Ok. This was fun. Lots of Replicating and reflecting. At first I created one large pattern to use as a base, and began filling in colors. Once I got going, I saw the pattern reflected and realized I could do a bunch of color pasting and color changing. It started moving along pretty quickly after the foundation was placed. See process below.  

Below is the finished Navajo Indian Pattern Study. Now its on to create my own pattern! Sweet. 

Just playing with colors and brown paper bag scan underneith. 

i wanted to see what would happen if i went overboard. see below. way way overboard. i think someone overused the copy-front-paste-reflect method a little too much. a scale back is in order. 

I found the balance below. Working on a more Square shape design with pop colors. I think this will be fun to add texture to this week. Still building on it, but wanted to update the progress. 

Whoh. Good mistake below. Love this idea. Very Loud i think.

Ok, so I think i have  the pattern the way i want it, but i was moving and copying triangles. If you look closely below, it is messy, and the boxes dont line up. I watched Brad's videos and think there may be a way to quickly recreate the below design, and make sure everything lines up perfectly. 

Ok, I found my groove. Below is the beginning of the actual image i am building on. I am ditching the solids and working with transparencies. I am also not going to worry so much about points lining up, and instead just play and make it organic in process. After I build the shapes I will then play with bringing in some textures...

I really like where the next phase is going, but the navy isnt very "loud". Damn, I almost think this image looks quiet, in a weird way. Maybe because of the Navy blue, referencing a night sky or something. And the Indian pattern feeling contemplative and calm, even if the colors are bright. Lesson: Bright colors dont = loud. 


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