Loud Mouth | Final Draft

Loud Mouth | Final Draft - student project

Here is the (almost) final version of my project. A friend was using my computer and accidentally deleted my .ai file from my desktop, which taught me two valuable lessons: always save everything to Dropbox and never let your tech-challenged friends touch your computer!

My friend managed to empty my trash bin too, so the file is gone forever. :( I had to start my project from scratch, which was kind of a bummer since I was so close to finishing. On the plus side, losing the file allowed me to experiment with color and get more familiar with Illustrator.  I'm overall happier with the finished product, but I do think it's missing something--maybe more detail in the lips or some texture on the bubbles? Let me know if you have any last-minute suggestions. I should be able to make a few edits by tomorrow night. Thanks!

Loud Mouth | Final Draft - image 1 - student project

Thank you all for your feedback! I'm really enjoying learning how to use Illustrator. I have the basic outline of my design down, but need to clean up the bubbles, glass and champagne bottle; select colors, fill in the lips and select a color for the background, etc. This is nowhere near a finished product, but I'm starting to like the direction it's headed.

I am a little stuck on color though. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Loud Mouth | Final Draft - image 2 - student project

Let me preface this by saying: please excuse my nonexistent artistic abilities!

I was inspired by the celebration, life and vibrancy typically associated with a Champagne toast. Instead dispensing alcohol, this bottle is pouring increasingly loud mouths, which will be surrounded by pop-art-inspired Champagne bubbles of various sizes and colors. I'm very new to creative design work -- if you have any constructive feeback, feel free to bring it on.



Loud Mouth | Final Draft - image 3 - student project

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